Sunday, July 7, 2013

Ric Rac

I was browsing one of my pinterest boards when I noticed something on one of my pins. It was a cute idea! Ric rac around the inside of a frame. So whats a girl to do?
Steal the idea,  of course!
Here is my version...

And here's theirs. So very cute and fun!

When I clicked on the link
  for the first time they actually go into a bit more detail about making the name art than I had expected (sweet!). I think the gal that thought this up is clever! Check it out on the Crap I've Made site!

 Totally don't think I'd have thought of this!!!!

But I know I'll be keeping this one in my idea arsenal.

Thankful to be hearing the sweet sounds of happy, healthy children!

1 comment:

Karyn said...

Love the ric rac and the print that you put it with. So adorable!

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