Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Easter Inspiration

Hey there Stranger!
I have really done a whole lot of nothing too interesting lately, and that includes NOT decorating for Easter. So here is where I get to pretend that I did something by showing you a collection of OTHER peoples photos.

One Must Shock the Bourgeois

La Famiglia Design

White House Black Cat on Etsy

Miss Mustard Seed

I really love this plate!

by Evie Lotts on Etsy

And lastly, these pottery barn eggs found on Buckets of Grace

I think we should make some of our own, whaddya say????

So nice to see you all again!
And I can't forget to say that today I am grateful for the Hope and Excitement of a new beginning.
I'm thinking I just might be back tomorrow to show you something I painted.
Just Maybe.

1 comment:

Marissa said...

I'm currently on this state of mind. There are days that I'm feeling really low. I also quit my job recently to be with my 2 young kids. Big adjustment. Glad to know I'm not alone. I know we made the right choice and God will provide. Cheers, Marissa

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