Wednesday, April 13, 2011


So I've been peeking around and gathering ideas for Parker's first birthday party. Last month, I saw this precious picture...

What I'm loving is, well, ALL of it! But since its a girls party and parker is sort of a boy, it gave me the idea that I really needed (that's right, NEEDED) a cutesy wooden highchair for his cake pictures! My poor Alyx's first birthday photos are of her in an UGLY highchair, and we can't let that happen again.
Yesterday I stopped into a thrift store in Lodi I had never even noticed before. There in the back was this

waiting just for me to come and fix it up!
 Granted its not exactly what I wanted, but it was $14.99!
Now thats a price I can feel good about.
I'm going to paint this bad boy (because I have a strong hatred for oak), and distress it up (of course)! So please come back again and see the finished product, and I'll tell you about my new miracle paint!

Today I'm grateful for my car.

<3 Marisa


Kimberly said...

LOVE the blog...super cute and shabby...and I LOVE the high chair...I didn't know we had the same disdain for oak (hahaha)! Can't wait to see the after pictures, you are uber talented cousin! Love and miss ya!

Marisa said...

Thanks kim!!!! I miss you too...wish we lived closer :(

Maranda said...

What a great idea, never thought of the high chair in the pictures...I love how you think of the little things that make such a BIG difference. Cant wait to see the after.

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